To provide opportunities for Wadsworth women to make friends through social activities and meetings, and to become acquainted with the community through a variety of civic service projects.

The Wadsworth Newcomers Club is a well-established organization with a new name.  For 34 years, we were known as The Welcome Wagon.  The rules and regulations of Welcome Wagon International governed us.  In May 1986, our membership voted to disaffiliate from Welcome Wagon International.  We incorporated; becoming an autonomous nonprofit organization called “Wadsworth Newcomers Club”.


Since 1952, our purpose has remained the same – to extend a friendly and neighborly helping hand to all newcomers by introducing them to others like themselves, and helping them to become involved in the civic, social, and moral welfare of the community.


We accomplish this goal through monthly meetings, get-acquainted coffees, activity groups, and socials.  Each year, we complete at least one charitable, humanitarian, or social welfare project.  Our projects have included Meals on Wheels and our annual craft show, the Carrousel of Crafts.

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Executive Board

President - Diane Horlacher

Vice President - Roberta Hopkins

Secretary - Kathleen Tarr

Treasurer - Andrea Gerber

Parliamentarian - Donna Hamilton

Carrousel of Craft Directors - Kathy Andreasen                                              and Kelly Michaelson Bussard


Administrative Board

Membership Lead - Laurel Heath

MAT Editor - Jessica Garton

2019/2020 WNC Board

The Wadsworth Newcomers Club symbol is the pineapple, the traditional symbol for hospitality.

Why a Pineapple?